A trip to IKEA on a Saturday

19 06 2011

Sounds horrible, right?

But it was actually the least crowded I’ve ever seen it — I mean, there were people there, but it wasn’t packed like it usually is!  I went early in the morning (that probably helped the crowd factor) and spent only an hour and a half there.  That has got to be my personal record for shortest time spent in IKEA.

I got some good stuff, too!  Check it!

A lot of these were just for fun (like the pretty candles, bedsheets, picture frame and pillow) but the other things were all on our list of “we’re getting old…” items.  We call it that because they are items that you *can* live without, but life is a lot easier with it, and it makes us feel domesticated.  Like real adults.  So it’s our “we’re old fogies now” list, really.  On that list was a laundry basket, a cheese grater, bag clips, a scale, a bathmat, and tupperware.  Oh, and the vase, because we’ve been putting our flowers in drinking glasses.

The only thing left on our list is an ironing board.

Then we’ll really be old.

P.S.  The succulent is much more gorgeous than the picture from the IKEA website gives it credit for.  I’ve never seen anything like this one.  I’ll share a picture later!




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