Photo booths

17 06 2011

I just love old-fashioned photo booths with the black & white photo strips.  Peter and I did one while he was here.  There’s one right outside of this place called Central Park (a summer lounge park with sand in it) and we got these photos taken!

I’ve done some great photo booth pictures before with Laura and with Tobias, and also way back in the day with my cousin Liz, and even before that, with my Grandma.  I need to find all those again and keep them in the same place!  So fun to look through.

There’s another Fotoautomat here at the flea market at Sternschanze, but there’s usually a big line of hipsters out front waiting for their turn, so I’ve never been willing to wait.  But Peter and I happened upon this other one at Central Park at just the right time!  We were going to make two strips (one for each of us) but then people got in line after us while we were waiting for the photo to print, so we decided just to scan a copy of it.

So fun!  Do you have any fun photo booth pictures of yourself at home?





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17 06 2011


FYI: I know of two other photobooths in HH: (1) There’s one near Haus 73/Rota Flora in Sternschanze, and (2) there’s another one near Kampnagel, a theater/arts center in Winterhude.

Vermisse dich! You’re visiting the States soon, right? I know you’ll be busy with your brother’s wedding, but you & Tobi sind herzlich eingeladen to come visit us at our lovely new apartment in Silver Spring in July. We should BBQ!

17 06 2011

Oh that’s great to know! I know Haus 73…went there for a swing dance once about a month ago. I’m not out in Winterhude a very often, but that’s good to know too!

Es ist echt sehr schade…aber ich glaube diesmal klappt es nicht mit dem BBQ. 😦 The wedding stuff really is taking up most of my schedule, and I’m gone the third week in Ocean City. But perhaps if I’m in DC we could meet for a drink again or something. What do you think?

18 06 2011

I have 2 sets of photo booth pictures. One set is the sticker booth pictures we took and the other is from like 2006 or something like that, I keep the 2006 one in one of my binders for the classes I’ve been taking!

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