Peter’s visit

16 06 2011


My best bud Peter and I had a great time together last weekend!  We did all the typical Hamburg stuff – Fischmarkt, the Michel (Hamburg’s main church), a walk down by the Elbe, the Reeperbahn (red-light party district), Lange Reihe, Sternschanze.  We took a boat ride or two, saw an art museum (the Kunsthalle), and drank lots of good German beer.  It was such a great time seeing him again and catching up on everything.

Peter at the Kunsthalle – they had this section where you could build things from these primary-colored pieces.  (It was probably intended for kids, but we weren’t the only adults there…).  He made this pretty sweet creation.

Me at the restaurant we ducked into at Lange Reihe to get out of the rain.  My new favorite beer has been Franziskaner Hefe-Weiss Dunkel, pictured above.  Yum.  Dang, I wish I remembered the name of this place, because I had a really delicious potato and cauliflower gratin!

A cappuccino at Diwan in the Schanze.  These tiny almond cookies were to die for!

Cute picture of Tobi and I while we three were having caipirinhas at Aurel, one of our favorite bars in our “old” neighborhood.  (It’s still nearby, but now that we’ve moved around the corner from our old apartment, we’re not over in that direction much anymore!)

You can’t tell, but the boat behind Peter is named Peter.  Silly pose!

At the harbor after the fish market on Sunday morning.  Peter, thanks for coming!  It was a fantastic time and I look forward to seeing you in the States too in just a week and a half!







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