Memorial Day

30 05 2011

Happy Memorial Day to my US readers, and many warm thoughts to all those who serve, have served, and who have loved ones in the military.

And happy 3-day weekend!  I was a little jealous, but ended up not having any classes this morning, so it’s almost a 3-day weekend for me too.  A little 3 hours of work is great, actually, because I went shopping today…

These are all from H&M.  The one on the right is a skirt, and the other three are tops.  And I got some fun bracelets too.

I’m a little late on the nautical stripes trend, but it’s back this summer and I finally caved.  (Note that Tobias and I made fun of this together on our road trip because at the time there were SO many people wearing blue and white stripes that we saw something like 38 different people in one day.)  I’m really not up on most current fashion trends.  I usually go more for comfort than style.  But last night Tobias said he thinks I’d look good in a long dress.  I told him I’m not sure I’m a fan of the maxidress (or is it maxi dress?), but that perhaps I’d try it.  Just for him.

Besides, I must admit that I started to change my mind about this long style when I saw how well my favorite style icons Keiko Lynn and Kendi (from Kendi Everyday) pulled it off!  Aren’t they just gorgeous?




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