And we’re off

17 05 2011

I haven’t mentioned it, I think…but we’re going to Italy.

Tomorrow.  (Tomorrow!)

We’re going to Palmero, more specifically.  Because of work-related scheduling concerns, we weren’t sure we were going to actually be able to go (and therefore, we’ve pushed it to the back burner for the past few weeks).  We still have no clear answer on whether this job option will work out, so we’ll just go on our scheduled trip anyway and take things from there.  If we have to come back early, we will.  (Keep your fingers crossed for that job!)

Isn’t life crazy sometimes?

It’s been a little overwhelming, to be honest.  It’s just one of those phases, and I’m sure it will get better.  I think it will be nice to get out of town for a bit and change surroundings.  Go on another adventure and, hopefully, be able to relax some too.

One thing, though, and I’m nervous about this – I don’t speak a lick of Italian!

Except things I gleaned from crossword puzzles and Italian restaurant menus – phrases like frutti di mare and vino.  I guess that’ll be my meal choice for the next week unless Tobias knows more than that!

On the way to the bus today I was trying to recite numbers in Italian in my mind.  And then I realized that I was counting in Spanish.  …that probably won’t get me anywhere!

Good thing Tobias has taken Italian classes before!

So, we’re off for the next few days, at the latest until Wednesday.  I’ve scheduled some posts during my absence, so feel free to come back and check in!





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