1 week is really short!

19 04 2011

Well, Angela’s gone – she left for the airport this morning.  I couldn’t go with her, unfortunately, because of a class that didn’t even end up coming. Boo.  But it was a nice visit and I did lots of things I probably wouldn’t have normally done without having a tourist friend to impress, so it was really a great week.

Yesterday, her last day here, was spent just walking around, looking in various cute little shops in the Schanze and in the Karoviertel, and enjoying nice pastries and some coffee in the afternoon during the break between my morning and evening classes.  (That could very well be the longest sentence ever.  Maybe I shouldn’t have had that second cup of coffee…)

And of course we had to make milk mustaches with the foam from our lattes.  And make silly faces.  Because we’re crazy like that.

Hopefully she enjoyed her stay in Hamburg.  I know I had a lot of fun.

And now I’ve got a road trip with my honey to look forward to for the long weekend.  We have no plans, but are just going to go where the wind takes us.  Which will probably be to the coast somewhere.  Somewhere.  We’ve made plans to be spontaneous.  Sure, that may be an oxymoron, but it makes total sense to me.




One response

19 04 2011

That is so awesome that your friend came up and you guys had such a great time! I imagine it made your American heart feel at home a bit! I imagine as much as you love Hamburg and being with Tobias you do get homesick. It’s inevitable!!

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