Snowboarding 2011, part 2

29 03 2011

Here’s some of the food we had on our trip!

They put sunscreen on their french fries in Switzerland.  What’s that?  You said you’ve never tried it?

Don’t!  I’m just kidding!  That’s mayonnaise!

This pizza is the best I’ve ever tasted.  We were looking forward to this but then it wasn’t open all week we were there.  But then on Sunday, because of the concert (more about that craziness later!), they opened up shop and we happily bought the first pizza they made that day.  It was JUST as good as we remembered.

Some guy standing in front of the pizza shop

We also found the BEST yogurt there last year and we made up for our lack of pizza by eating more of this special yogurt.  Emmi is the brand name.  I have no words to describe just how GOOD this yogurt is…

This next picture isn’t actually something we had, but I love the fact that the Swiss still have these special jugs to transport milk.  The first morning we were there, the lady of the house put a jar of fresh cow’s milk in our fridge for our use.  It was great!


Cheese fondue.  Very good, but extremely filling!

Tobias made a lovely quiche…

and some delicious ice cream with raspberries and caramel for dessert.

One afternoon after being frustrated with falling down a lot and not so great conditions, I treated myself to a dark beer.  (The lady who sold it to me asked if I was over 16.  She thought I was under the drinking age…LOL.  Seriously, 16?)

And then another day, I sat by the fire in the chalet and had an Ovomaltine (hot chocolate).


And lastly, the name brand of the pepper was kind of funny.  You know, if you have the sense of humor of an 8-year-old (like me, obviously).





2 responses

30 03 2011

Everything looks delicious.

Why was the mayo in a sunscreen bottle?

31 03 2011

It wasn’t, silly. We just held up our sunscreen bottle and pretended it was mayo.

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