A little bit of sunshine

22 02 2011

One thing I love about Hamburg is that it has really cool architecture.  It’s a mix of Altbau (very old!) buildings and 60s- and 70s-style mod design.  But the best part is that there are so many colorful buildings.

This one here is nearby TK Maxx in Eppendorf.  Yes, I went there – twice, actually.  I had to check it out!  The first time, I saw a snowboarding jacket I liked, but of course I didn’t buy it.  (I wasn’t kidding about being indecisive.)  But I went back a second time and bought it, after all.

But anyway, back to the house — this house, with its red brick façade and yellow accents, really makes it stand out.  Especially on a cloudy day…which is pretty often here in Hamburg.  So little pops of color make things feel much more cheerful.  That’s another reason why I prefer Hamburg to Paris.  Paris is beautiful and great and all that too (I mean, it does have the Eiffel Tower!), but it’s so gray there.

See what I mean?  Gray.

Isn’t it funny that here I am saying I prefer color to gray, but I’m sitting here wearing a gray sweater and am thinking of painting my living room gray too?  Hmm.  Maybe it’s to balance out all the colorful houses here.  Who knows?




2 responses

22 02 2011

Hi there! I live in Eppendorf and immediately recognized this building because I have often admired it myself. I find the architecture in Hamburg to be so beautiful — somehow reminding me of a exquisitely frosted cake. (Don’t ask me why).

P.S. I also peak into TK Maxx once in awhile (though I never buy anything), and I recently saw some lovely pieces by Versace and Calvin Klein heavily discounted (but still above my budget). I guess you have to comb their racks fairly regularly if you want to find the real gems.

22 02 2011

@ Mandi – Hi! Thanks for your comment! You’re one of the few fellow Hamburgers who have commented on my posts so far. What a nice surprise! I totally know what you mean about the cake frosting – that’s such a great way to describe it!

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