Classical concerts

19 02 2011

Tobias plays the cello in the Harvestehuder Orchestra.  A few weeks ago, they had a Beethoven and Shostakovich concert in the Laeiszhalle.  That was great.  This is him practicing the day of the concert – doesn’t he look great?

This evening, Tobias is playing a Brahms piece with a choir in the Michel.  (The common name for St. Michaelis, the most famous church here in Hamburg.)  I’m excited!

My Gram and my dad often go to classical music concerts together.  My dad has always liked classical music.  When I was younger, it wasn’t my favorite type of music, but I didn’t mind it every once in a while.  And though it’s still not my favorite, I enjoy listening to it a lot more.  That’s probably because Tobias has the radio on to a classical station almost all the time.  And the most impressive thing is that he can identify the composer and the piece about 98% of the time!  For some reason, I find that so sexy.  Lol.

There was one symphony we heard on a road trip we took together in the States a few years back, and he couldn’t identify it for sure.  But it ended up being one of his guesses, and that became “our song”.  Schubert’s 9th symphony, “The Great”.

Do you and your significant other have a song?




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19 02 2011

He looks so awesome in his tux (suit?) and his cello!!! How neat it must be to be with someone with such artistic passions!!! I had no idea he played with an orchestra at that. So incredible!

19 02 2011


19 02 2011

I love reading about the life you lead. It is really quite different from the one we led when we were underclassmen at Hood, no? 🙂 T looks absolutely dapper in his suit, with his cello. I hope the performance was amazing.

I don’t know for sure without talking to Wes, but if I had to forge a guess, I would say that our song would probably be an Ingrid Michaelson song. If you asked Wes, he would probably say, “The Hat.” If you ask me, I would pick “Parachute.” 🙂

20 02 2011

@ Julia – Thanks! Yeah, he looks great in his suit. I think the shirt makes it look more fancy like a tux though – it’s a Karl Lagerfeld! (Notice the very high collar! It’s got fancy sleeves too.)

@ Gary – Haha, that’s a great song! It’s totally you guys. 🙂

@ Adrienne – I know of Ingrid Michaelson from “The Winter Song” with Sara Bareilles. I’ll have to check out those two songs!

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