18 02 2011

I had a nice Valentine’s Day.  I worked all day but had a few hours’ break during lunchtime.  T and I didn’t have anything to eat in the house (oops) and so we went out to our favorite little Chinese restaurant around the corner.

In the evening when I got home from work, I made taco soup for dinner and we watched my favorite show, Erlebnis Erde, which Tobias had recorded for me.  Then he surprised me with these precious little handmade cakes for dessert!  6 different styles and handmade chocolate.  YUM!  What a sweetheart.  (You did good, honey!)

I had made a little collage as a card and wrote him a love letter to go with it.  And I handed him an orange and said, “Orange you glad you’re my Valentine?”  (I taught Tobias that knock-knock joke with the banana…and ever since then, he says, “Orange you glad” instead of “Aren’t you glad.”  It’s super-cute and makes me laugh every time.)

I’m definitely glad.  🙂




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19 02 2011

Those are so cute and they look delicious!

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