Valentine’s Day 2011

14 02 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely readers!  Sending lots of love your way!  Whether you have a special someone or not, may today be filled with a little extra love  (& chocolate!!) from friends and family.  Here is my Valentine’s card to you all:

This picture makes me laugh so much.  I found it in a book I got for free – someone had left it on top of the recycling bin, and I took it home to use in some collages.  Such a funny picture, though!  It should really be on Awkward Family  I added a heart in honor of Valentine’s Day.  One of my lucky friends will receive this in the mail soon, because I know she’ll laugh at it just as much as I do (while simultaneously being creeped out by the photo).


To continue the heart theme, I have to share this little pillow with you!  Tobias made fun of me a little bit for buying this pillow and joked that we should give it to his nearly 2-year-old niece, but he just doesn’t see its potential yet.  But isn’t it just too cute?  Especially for Valentine’s Day.  The best part is, this little pillow was 2€.  So when we get tired of its cuteness, I can just make a pillowcase for it and give it a new life.  It’s gonna be great.  (Trust me, honey!)  But doesn’t that elephant just look SO happy?





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14 02 2011

I LOVE that pillow!!!So cute!!

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