Morning craft: paper garland!

13 02 2011

Inspired by this etsy shop, which I found via decor8‘s page on decorating ideas, I decided to try my hand at making my own paper garland.

So I sat down and cut out about 100 circles from 10 different colors of paper.  I folded them and cut them to be even semicircles, and then took some twine and started gluing in a random color pattern.

I ended up with quite a long garland, which I decided to hang up in the living room above the couch for now.  I like having a little something up on the wall – our walls are still so bare!  And the best thing is, it was a super-easy project!  I think it would be perfect for a birthday party or something.

View from the office through the double doors

Speaking of DIY projects, that white board on the floor is a piece of wood we had leftover from Tobi’s amazing handmade trash can.  (What, I didn’t post pictures of that?  I’ll have to show you soon!  It does make an appearance in our home tour video, if you don’t remember what I’m talking about!)

Tobias drilled a few holes in the corners and used some rope to attach it securely to the chair (& it’s removable, which is also great).  What’s it for?  His cello!  That way, the spike on the bottom doesn’t poke holes in our nice wooden floor while he plays!  Pretty cool, right?




4 responses

13 02 2011

I like it! It’s cooler than what I was expecting when you said “paper garland.”

Nicely done.

13 02 2011
jess rose

Wow, Sarah! That looks so cool!

13 02 2011

Thanks! I’m definitely going to use it to decorate for the next party we throw here. 🙂 OR maybe I’ll have to just have a party just as an excuse to hang it again!

13 02 2011

Thanks Jessi!

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