I was wrong about Valentine’s Day.

2 02 2011

My judgment was premature about Germany’s Valentine’s Day decorations.  The shop near the train station now has a window display of red and pink hearts and such.  But it’s still kind of an underwhelming effect.  On the other hand, maybe it’s good to be able to avoid all the hype of the February 14th.

I like that Valentine’s Day has a certain amount of craftiness related to the holiday – more so than some others.  (Who ever heard of St. Patrick’s Day crafts?)  It’s been fun seeing some new, creative heart-themed things popping up all over the web lately.  It reminded me of my own garland of hearts that I had made last year from newspaper and red cardstock paper, so I put them up to replace the snowflakes from Christmas.

But I must admit: as far as celebrating goes?  I’m not feeling very motivated this year. It’s on a Monday this year, which is a day where I work from 9-8:30.  I’ve always liked the holiday, although it was tons more fun when we were in elementary school and brought in decorated shoeboxes and gave Valentines to each and every one of our classmates in their “mailboxes”.  That was special.  And I’ve never been one to wear black on the 14th and skulk around all day, hating the holiday.  Because I have always felt that it is a nice day to remember love in every form – family and friends, too (even pets!) – not just if you have a boy-/girlfriend /husband/wife/partner/whatever.

But this year I’m rather uninspired.  Maybe it’s because I’m lucky to have a guy who is romantic in at least small ways every day.  So is it even necessary to celebrate the 14th in particular?  Probably not.  Maybe we’ll think of something special and out-of-the-ordinary to do together that weekend…

Here I am drooling, just thinking about Valentine’s Day.  Those cheesy heart-shaped boxes with bonbons & all sorts of gooey fillings inside…YUM.  I usually wait until a day or two afterward and buy several discounted boxes for myself.

Does anybody else do that?




One response

9 02 2011

I’ve never been the box of chocolate type of gal. But I do love to get a bouquet. I just adore a bouquet of flowers just on Valentines. And a nice dinner out – and a movie or play …etc.

I find most of my valentines inspiration came at the last moment. I don’t know why but I work most creatively under pressure!

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