Ice ice baby

31 01 2011

Yeah, you know me – I couldn’t resist that reference.  I have an uncanny ability to turn most everything into a song.

This picture was actually taken sometime around New Year’s, or possibly before.  Back when things were quite frozen around here.  The river was frozen over for quite a while, and then when it started to warm up a little, they broke into chunks.  It was really beautiful – like nature’s own work of modern art.  And somehow the image fits with the feeling of the last day of the first month of the year.

T. and I just had the craziest past week and a half.  He was on a photo shoot (two of them back-to-back, actually) and then played cello in a concert and then did a test shoot yesterday.  My week was also crazy with teaching, but this week should be a little less packed, even though there are some new things on the schedule now.  It was rough for both of us.  And even though there’s a lot to do tomorrow and the next days, I have a feeling we’ll have a little more room to breathe.

Here’s hoping you all can breathe easy this week, too.




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