Mix it up!

19 01 2011

My parents sent over some cash for Christmas, which we used to buy ourselves a blender.  We’ve made plenty of different juices and smoothies so far, and I’m especially looking forward to making iced coffee once it starts getting warmer out.

We got a [very shiny/sexy] Philips HR2094/00, and my dear Tobias has been mixing up some pretty interesting things, as usual.  Especially with goods from the Fischmarkt – he came home this week with tons of oranges, clementines, kiwi, and mangoes – and he did a layered drink – kiwi, spicy mango, and then a layer of clementine juice on top.  DELICIOUS.  I drank it in about 5 seconds.

The best thing about this blender is this lovely filter that you can place in it in order to make juice without pulp.  I love pulp, but I think it’s particularly good with things such as pomegranate, or raspberries or something with seeds that you don’t want in your drink.  It’s really cool!




4 responses

20 01 2011

Mmm, that looks so delicious!

20 01 2011

@ Shannon – If you like kiwis and ever get the chance to try it…definitely blend them up with a banana and the result is very tasty!

20 01 2011

good for you two! 🙂 it’s always fun to try new things. i was reunited with a juicer that had been at my mother’s house in pennsylvania since i graduated from hood. i’m definitely looking forward to making some very nutritious creations!
if you end up engineering any delicious recipes, post them! =)

20 01 2011

@ Adrienne – That’s exciting! Have fun with your juicer!

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