I ♥ Noodles

2 01 2011

Our go-to meal is pasta.  We have different ways of doing pasta, but I think the one we do most often (or the one we have on hand 98% of the time) is spaghetti with tuna & tomato sauce.  Plus a drop or two of Endorphin Rush to make it spicy!

On a side note, Endorphin Rush is one of the most amazing hot sauces ever.  It is SO hot (especially a freshly opened bottle) that even smelling the fumes burns.  Tobias fell in love with it at California Tortilla back in 2009 when he first visited and met my parents.  They took us out to CalTort and Tobias, fan of all things spicy, tried the hottest sauce they had.  And a love story began:

He loved it so much that my mom bought him a bottle.  And then another bottle last year for Christmas.  And another bottle this year for Christmas, too.  We don’t add it to everything, but we do use it a lot.  Even in desserts for that spicy-sweet combination that is just to die for!

Anyway, last year – I mean…the other day (I never tire of making New Year’s jokes à la “I haven’t seen you since last year!” when I just saw the person the day before.  Yep.  That’s just my strange sense of humor.) – Tobias did something new and different.  Instead of the typical spaghetti noodles, he made a dough and created his own special noodles:

Heart-shaped noodles!

Aren’t I lucky to have such a romantic guy?




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2 01 2011


2 01 2011

And it was delicious! 🙂

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