7 12 2010

On Sunday morning, we got up early to go get some fresh fruits and veggies at the Fischmarkt.  We went at 9:30, just as the official closing time announcement was playing on the loudspeakers, but then we were there for at least another half hour.  That’s really the best time to go, because the vendors want to get rid of their stuff, so they slash the prices pretty dramatically.  You can get whole cases of fruits or vegetables for 1-3€.  And they’re sometimes open to haggling, but when they think you’re being ridiculous, they say, “Tschüss!  Geh weiter!”  (Bye – go on your way! which really sounds quite rude, but they couldn’t care less!)

There are tons of people and tons of vendors yelling out their prices over and over again.  Tobias went out into the battlefield – it truly is something you have to fight for sometimes – and got us a whole bunch of great stuff.

We ended up with the following:

  • 2 kg trout
  • 1 case green beans
  • 1 case yellow peppers
  • 1 case pomegranates
  • 1 bag of limes
  • 3 bags of clementines
  • 1 case salad
  • 2 dragonfruit
  • 2 papayas
  • 12 boxes of blackberries
  • 1 case bananas

We got so much food!  Good thing we have a real fridge with lots of space and a freezer!

Though it was intense, it was fun.  We should definitely do it more often.




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8 12 2010

Fischmarkt! I really should’ve taken advantage of it more often than I did, especially if I had known you could get such great bargains! I only went twice while I was in HH, usually because I had trouble dragging myself out of bed to travel halfway across the city early on a Sunday morning…

BTW I am done with finals on Dec 13 — we should try to skype soon! I recently switched over to Linux so I haven’t quite figured out how to make skype work properly yet on my computer… but it would be awesome to catch up if we can!

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