Snow & Christmas (& Thanksgiving)

3 12 2010

First up, snow.  there is now quite a lot of it here.  The video above shows just the beginning of it, and now the streets are all covered, as well as the trees.  It snowed constantly all day yesterday, which was really special when we went to the Christmas market in our neighborhood.  It’s really pretty…until you go outside and have to trudge through the slush (that stuff is so gross).  But I’ve got some snow boots, so I am good to go!

O Christmas Tree

Last Saturday we bought our Christmas tree.  We went to Max Bahr (it’s kind of like Home Depot) and chose a tree that we thought looked nice.  We also got an expensive stand, but it’s really quite awesome and it was worth the investment.  My awesome boyfriend took that big tree home on his shoulder on his bike.

We were quite pleased with how wonderful the tree looked when we put it up!

On Sunday, we decorated the tree.  I still want to make some more decorations and put gold glitter on the star on top of the tree, but here are some current pictures anyway.  We made a cranberry-popcorn garland and hung walnuts and dried orange & lemon slices on the tree.  (We cut them into slices and baked them in the oven on a low temperature for a while to dry them out.)  There are a few other random ornaments, such as a Nanerpuss-style ornament my aunt and uncle gave me for Christmas last year and our Ocean City scope we got  this summer.  To continue with the sort of natural theme, we’d like to add some dried apple slices to the tree as well.


And on Monday evening, we had an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner.  We were planning on mashed potatoes, green beans and steak, but when I went to two different grocery stores and I couldn’t find any steak, I bought turkey breast instead.  We chopped up the leftover cranberries into a relish and put fried onions on the green beans and called it Thanksgiving dinner.  We even had pumpkin pie for dessert, left over from the weekend.


I plan on making my sweet potato casserole on Sunday.  All I have to buy is the marshmallows.




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