Apartment tour: living room & office

14 11 2010

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Next up: our lovely living room and office.  These rooms are connected by a set of double doors.  When opened, it’s almost like the two rooms are one big room.  It makes things feel so nice and airy.

The room directly to the left of the bedroom will be our living room.  This is also the room where guests will stay.  There’s a gorgeous bay window, which is one of our favorite things about the apartment.  We’d like to keep the space open so we can stand there and look out over the train tracks that run parallel to our apartment.  But I can totally imagine pulling over a chair and curling up with a good book by the heater.  (In all my free time, yeah.)

The room closest to the front door (and directly across the hall from the bathroom) will be the office.  Tobias and I got the same desks at IKEA yesterday so our office space will look nice and coordinated.  In the picture below, look out through the window – you can see a train!

We spent all day yesterday at IKEA, and we spent a lot of  money there too…yet we walked away empty-handed!  That was such an odd feeling, but seriously – thank goodness for their delivery service.  Especially for the dishwasher and kitchen cabinets we bought…and the desks…and the table and chairs….  All those bulky items would be hard to take on the S-Bahn!




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