Apartment tour: bedroom & bathroom

13 11 2010

This is the end of the hallway, and the bedroom is there on the left.  We’ll have to get some sort of small shelf here to put things on – this is where the phone and router will have to go because that’s where the connection is.  Our bedroom is not rectangular.  It has been a while since 9th grade geometry (in which I got really poor grades anyway and needed tutoring), but I believe our current bedroom is somewhat shaped like a trapezoid.  Except I think it has more than 4 walls, so I guess it couldn’t technically be a trapezoid, could it?

Anyway, it’s got one wall with 3 windows, and another shorter wall at the normal 90 degree angle.  Then we have a strange slanted wall that is 5 meters long and is the longest wall in our house.

Yep, there it is.  That tiny piece of wall that gives it one more side, so it can’t be a trapezoid.  Any geometry nerds out there who know what shape my bedroom is?  Rhombus?  No wait, that’s also four-sided.  So it’s a Pentagon, right?  Whatever.  I love it.


Since the bathroom is small, I’m putting it in here with the bedroom.  I love the shower.  We’ll have to buy a medicine cabinet/mirror, and perhaps some shelves, and definitely a towel rack.  I love that there is a heater in the bathroom (behind the door) and that there is also a window near the shower so things won’t get too humid.




One response

13 11 2010

I love all the tile and the wood flooring. It’s so nice!!!!! I have NO idea what shape that would be for your bedroom but how interesting it will be when you put your furniture in there!

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