Friday Date Night

7 11 2010

This past Friday at lunchtime, I came up with the idea to do something special with T.  I told him I’d like to treat him to sushi for dinner, to take him out on a date.  And he was so excited about it that he suggested we also check and see if there was anything interesting at the opera.  (We went to a few operas together in Paris, and it’s something we like to do every once in a while.)  Turns out, there was a ballet called Parzival playing that evening, choreographed by John Neumeier, who is well-known for his very modern choreography style.

It was so great to have something nice to look forward to during the day!  So I went to my afternoon and evening classes and then met him at the opera.

We wanted to have our sushi before the ballet, but we didn’t have enough time and there weren’t enough seats in the restaurant – so we just grabbed a coffee and a little pastry and then saw the ballet.  It was really nice!  The music was beautiful, and the dancing was very fun to watch.  We didn’t know the story behind it, so it was interesting to make up our own versions of what was happening.

We went back to the sushi restaurant after the ballet was over and enjoyed some sushi together, picking colored plates off of the kaiten.  We had a beer afterward,  and I finally decided to try the Hamburg beer cocktail “Alsterwasser” — Alster water — a combination of beer and sprite, named after the big lake here in Hamburg.

We talked a lot about this potential new apartment we looked at on Thursday.  Turns out, we were chosen from all the applicants and can have the apartment if we want it.  The realtor called us on Friday and told us this news, and said we could have the weekend to think about it, since he wouldn’t do anything until Monday anyway.

Long story short, and lots of hesitation and thinking and rethinking later (and actually getting to meet one of our potential neighbors), we’ve decided to take it.  As long as a few little details are cleared up, so we won’t know for sure until tomorrow.

I’m excited to share more about it once it’s really for certain!




2 responses

8 11 2010

Hallo liebe Sarah, wie schön, von Euch zu hören – auch wenn ich ausnahmsweise ja mal weiss, was Ihr am Wochenende gemacht habt ;-)).
Ab jetzt abonniere ich natürlich die News aus Deinem Leben :-).
Vor allem bin ich gespannt, wie Eure Entscheidung in Sachen Wohnung ausgefallen ist …
Liebe Grüße,

8 11 2010

Danke, Ute! Es ist so cool, dass Du mein blog gefunden hast. 🙂 Ich freue mich, dass wir uns am Wochenende gesehen haben. Bis bald!

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