Finally the weekend

30 10 2010

This week was one of the worst.  Nothing extremely horrible, so I shouldn’t really complain, but it was just one little thing (and a few bigger things) after the next, and I really couldn’t wait for this week to be over.  Thanks to some encouragement from my best friends and from my guy, I made it through, and now it’s finally the weekend.

This was two weeks ago, when the leaves had just started to fall.  They’re going fast – it’s been windy and there are far fewer leaves now than before.  It’s pretty, though.  I’m about to head back over that direction to the church where Tobi’s exhibition will be, to set everything up.  It’s tonight at 7, and I hope a lot of people come!

Wishing you all a very nice, relaxing autumn weekend.  And happy Halloween, for those of you who get to celebrate it this year!  Be safe out there!

Are any of you going to any fabulous Halloween parties?  What’s your costume?




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