Too early

4 10 2010

I walked out of work one evening, the last week of September, and was greeted by this lovely sight:

Yes, my friends.  That is a Christmas tree.  Lit.  In September.

It’s bad enough the office building hadn’t taken down its Christmas lights from last year.  But they had them ON that evening, lit up in all its Christmasy glory.  My first thought was, “Oh my goodness.”  And then, “What the…”  (In other words, OMG, WTF?)  It’s only September!

I’m never quite ready for Christmas until the weekend after Thanksgiving.  That is traditionally when my family would set up our [artificial] Christmas tree.  Even then, it always felt a little too early, but I quickly lost that feeling as soon as we started decorating the house.  I love that time of year, and I especially enjoy basking in the warm light of a Christmas tree in the living room and enjoying that feeling for the whole month of December.

But for goodness’ sake!  It’s too early!  We’ve barely just cleared summer, and we certainly haven’t had time to enjoy the harvest feeling of fall.  Let’s not fast-forward too much, okay?  I was shocked to see large displays of Christmas cookies and candies (including Lebkuchen and chocolate Santas) in the grocery stores in mid-September.  It seems to get earlier and earlier every year.

I want to hear from you readers.  Are there already signs of Christmas in stores near you?  What do you think?

Imagine how crazy we’d go if we started listening to Christmas music now, in October.  I know, right?

The good news is, I think they were only testing the lights for these little evergreen trees they just put in, because the Christmas tree wasn’t lit up like that the next day.  Thank goodness.




One response

16 10 2010

yay christmas! i love it. it’s never too early! i always try to wait until thanksgiving to let myself listen to christmas music (may i recommend sufjan stevens) but this year i caved mid-september. oops!

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