What a week we’ve got planned…

30 08 2010

Deciding on health insurance.  Taking the form to the dentist on Wednesday.  Doctors’ appointment soon.  Reading through policies.  Being confused and frustrated.

Insurance companies want to make sure I’m healthy before they insure me, and since I’ve never been insured in Germany…it means I have to go get checked out before they even consider my application.  Cross your fingers for me that all goes well!  (I’m extra nervous about the dentist…)

Homemade PSL

The excitement about fall brings to mind the soon-to-be-available Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) at Starbucks.

The PSL hype has been all over the blogosphere recently, and it left me feeling a little nostalgic and left out.  Though Hamburg has many Starbucks, I don’t know for sure if they have the exact same products.  You’d think they would, as a global company, but one time my good friend Sara asked for a simple iced coffee at the Starbucks in Paris and the following conversation ensued:

Barista: “You mean you want a frappuccino?”

Sara – “No, iced coffee…like, plain coffee with ice in it.”

And that’s what she got.  HOT coffee with a scoopful of ice cubes in it.  Result?  Lukewarm coffee.  Fellow coffee-lovers, is there anything worse than lukewarm coffee?

Even if they did have PSL at a Starbucks near me, I am not likely to have one unless I really want to treat myself to something special.  Besides, who can afford a 5-dollar-latte on a regular basis?  Anyone?  …do I hear crickets chirping?

I sure can’t afford it.  So this morning, I turned to google to see if it could scrounge up any homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte alternatives. Unfortunately, almost every mock-PSL recipe I found had one ingredient that is almost impossible to find in Deutschland: canned pumpkin.

Fueled by my desire for that autumnal PSL taste, I kept looking.  And I found it.  It’s a recipe for a syrup to put in your latte that includes all of the spices you typically find in pumpkin pie: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves.  It took a little searching at the grocery store (and a little help from my German dictionary), but I found all the spices I needed and whipped up the recipe tonight.  It’s on this lovely blog called Sugarcrafter, which I intend to bookmark and use again for more recipes.

I can’t wait to try it with my coffee tomorrow!  I will be sure to let you all know how it turns out.

Out of commission

I may be out of commission, so to speak, for the next few weeks.  Our neighbor, who has let us use her internet for free, is moving out early tomorrow morning.  We’ve ordered our own internet service, but it takes a few weeks for them to come and install it.  I hope to post some during the next few weeks, but I probably won’t be able to do it on such a regular basis.

So, in my absence, enjoy the beginning of fall (and Pumpkin Spice Lattes!), and I hope to see you soon!




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31 08 2010

¡Phew! ¡I just got caught up on all your life! ¡My internet funciona ahora, pues no problema!

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