4 simple goals: this week’s progress report

28 08 2010

1.  Speak more German with my boyfriend.

Well, we’ve done okay with that this week.  Although my lovely boyfriend tried saying at breakfast one morning, “Now let’s speak only German at breakfast,” and I protested and complained that I hadn’t even had my coffee yet.  So that was the end of that idea — for now.  At some point I’m sure my German will become automatic enough that I can speak it in the morning before I’ve had any caffeine.

2.  Really explore Hamburg.

This was a real success this week!  We had our adventure in Wedel, our trip to the Gängeviertel, and I even went out on my own one day and walked around the Jungfernstieg/Hauptbahnhof area in the center of town.

3.  Do something active.

No real progress here either, and I think this is the most difficult of my 4 goals.  For this week, however, I feel like our trip to Wedel was also a lot of exercise because we walked a really long way to the dike and back.

4.  Learn new recipes.

This week, I was highly successful in this last goal!  I made three new recipes on my own, and learned one more easy one from Tobias.

1.  Sausages with red cabbage & mashed potatoes. Super-easy meal, because the red cabbage was all ready to go & just needed to be heated up.  Mashed potatoes are also quick & easy.  (This is the one I learned from Tobi.)

2.  Fruit Salad. Okay, this probably shouldn’t count as a new recipe.  But it’s something I had never made before, like last week’s quesadillas, so that deserves mentioning.  We weren’t feeling great that evening and just wanted something fresh, so fruit salad was the perfect solution.  We added vanilla yogurt on top and it was oh-so-delicious!

3.  Mushroom & Parmesan Penne. This was very simple and very good.  I sautéed some mushrooms, cooked up some penne pasta, combined them and put a generous helping of parmesan cheese on top.  I loved it.  I’m sure it could be perfected by also making some sort of creamy sauce to go with it, but the mushrooms and the melted cheese were quite good on their own.

4.  Macaroni & Cheese with Tomato & Garlic. Thursday was a day for comfort foods.  I slept poorly the night before and was pretty wiped out.  I did leave the house to do some grocery shopping, but spent the rest of the day indoors relaxing in some comfy clothes.  Mac & cheese was just what I needed.  I used Gouda cheese again, since it seemed to melt well with the quesadillas last week.  I chopped up one tomato and added that after the cheese was melted, and sprinkled some ground garlic flakes and some marjoram on top.




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30 08 2010

I’m drooling – those dishes look SO GOOD!

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