23 08 2010

This weekend we went to two birthday parties.  On Saturday night, it was the party of one of Tobi’s friends.  But on Sunday, we went to a totally different type of birthday party.  It was the one-year anniversary celebration of something called the Gängeviertel.

The Gängeviertel is a group of old factory buildings that were going to be demolished before a group of politically and socially active artists stepped in and gave these buildings a new life.  Now it is home to regular art exhibitions, concerts, and a whole lot of graffiti.  And this weekend, they celebrated their first birthday with a full, 3-day program of concerts and art installations.

I really enjoyed this event.  It was kind of like stepping into a different world!  The buildings were rustic – pictures, collages, and paintings hung on dirty concrete walls.  It was also fun to people-watch: lots of interesting, artsy-fartsy people.  Tobias and I walked through the different buildings and looked at the art installations. The rest of the compound was almost an installation of its own.  There were hammocks suspended between trees, and a disco ball hung above them.  Next to that, there were strange, stylized wooden sculptures of cows.  On another building hung a giant Hamburg Monopoly-style board game banner.

In the middle of the compound, there was a stage set up for concerts.  We watched a band called Klein play some interesting music.  They had a drum machine, and the cellist switched between her cello and a bass guitar.  We only stayed for a few songs before we went back home.

I always find it inspiring to go look at other people’s art.  This adventure has given me a fresh burst of motivation to do something creative.  I haven’t made anything in a really long time.  Perhaps this is just what I needed!




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27 08 2010
Wedel « sarah gilmour

[…] little adventure actually took place the day before we visited the Gängeviertel, but I wanted to finish this [cheesy] little video first.  Enjoy, and please do excuse my […]

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