2 08 2010

New city, new header for the blog.  Goodbye, Eiffel Tower, hello Hamburg Hafen.  I’d like to make a fancier one at some point, but at the moment I’m just too jet-lagged.

Getting here

Our flights went well and it felt like they went by pretty quickly.  However, neither of us really slept well on the 6-hour trip across the Atlantic.  The AC was either on the fritz or not turned up enough, resulting in a rather hot ride.  And the turbulence at the end of the flight that lasted for 2 and a half hours straight was rough on the stomach.  But we made it safely, had a nice connecting flight from London, and the customs & immigration check was easy.

Border control asked me no questions at all.  He looked through all my passport pages.  Stamped me in.  And then slammed my passport back on the desk to give it back to me. I thought that was strange – was he trying to intimidate me?  But since he asked no questions and let me through,  it just made me laugh.  That was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Getting settled

We have a lot of unpacking to do, but that’s exciting.  After we lugged our suitcases back to the apartment, we took a little nap (not out of choice but out of necessity).  But we went out again later in the afternoon and made the trip out to IKEA to purchase some things to make me feel more at home.  We got to the check-out lane and found out it wouldn’t take credit cards.  And Tobi’s bank cards were in his other wallet…at home.  We were embarrassed for a moment – we just spent all that time in the store picking out things – but there was an ATM inside the building that saved our skin.

Tobias and I had to laugh because the situation was reminiscent of one of the songs by the Wise Guys, my favorite German a capella band.  It’s all about the midsummer sale at IKEA, and this guy gets all these great deals and then, at the check-out, realizes he’s left his wallet at home.  At least for us, there was an ATM.




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3 08 2010

Zu lustig, das Lied!

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