Tour de France

6 07 2010

I’m a big fan of the Tour de France.  Last year, I even blogged about every single stage, took screenshots of the riders and the exciting moments, and watched streaming video online at work.  (Shh!)

The 97th Tour de France started this past weekend, on July 3rd, and will end in Paris on the Champs-Élysées, as per tradition, on July 25th.  This year, they took off from Rotterdam and rode across the big bridge there.

I like the Tour de France because it’s really amazing how far these guys ride at high speeds, how they climb mountains and speed down the other side, and how they ride so closely in the peleton without crashing into each other (usually!), and how they put all that energy almost every day for three whole weeks.  It’s amazing.  It’s relaxing to watch, but not boring because there are exciting moments too – especially when there are break-aways from the main group of riders, or when other riders attack to try to catch up to the lead group, or when my favorite riders get enough points to wear the green, white, or polka-dot jerseys, or the famed yellow jersey.  And the race for the finish of each stage is definitely exciting.

Not to mention that the fans are funny – some of them dress up in strange clothes, and some of them make interesting sculptures along the route that can be seen from up above, thanks to helicopters who also film the beautiful French countryside.

Sometimes, unexpected things happen: crashes, unlikely riders taking the lead, problems with the bikes, broken bones.  This year (and this has happened before), a dog ran out in front of the riders and caused a big crash.  Crazy!  And doping – is it too much to hope that they don’t have any doping scandals this year?

And, um…can I just say how sexy those men are in spandex?  Hot stuff.  Just sayin’.

Well, I won’t bore you anymore with the details of every stage this year, but I will show off my souvenir I bought myself before I left France:




3 responses

6 07 2010

How cool, did not know you were such the fan of the Tour!

6 07 2010

@ Karl: Yeah! But only relatively recently…have followed it only since my junior year abroad in France. I’m not a die-hard fan of cycling, though…Tour de France is the only race I follow. But it’s fun! 🙂

7 07 2010
tobias stäbler

and if something hard is coming up, just think: “tour de france, tour de france…”

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