Fête de la Musique 2010

26 06 2010

This past Monday, June 21st, was the big music festival all around Paris.  (I think they also have this in other cities.)

Every year, on the first official day of summer, Paris opens its streets to musicians of all shapes and sizes.  The Élysée Palace (where the president lives, right across the street from my apartment…!) even opened its courtyard to the public for a musical program.  Tobias and I started there and listened to a steel drum band play some pretty cool, funky music.

We went back to our apartment, had some dinner, and then went back out on the town.  We walked to the Tuileries garden, to the Louvre, and then along a smaller street to the Marais.  Along the way, we saw a drum group, a cheesy choir singing Edith Piaf songs, a jazz band with a tap dancer, a few wannabe bands playing classic rock, a cheesy-sounding gospel group, an American Indian group in feathers and costumes, a techno deejay on a balcony, more techno in the GLBT district of the Marais complete with drag queens and muscle men with no shirts, and some other random groups along the way.  There was quite a lot of variety!

Tobias treated me to some frozen yogurt at mÿ berry and then we went to Selina’s apartment to hang out and toast her birthday at midnight on the 22nd.  Happy birthday to Selina!

It was a very fun night.  It was hard to get up at 5:30 the next morning, and I was utterly exhausted at work that Tuesday.  But it was worth it.  You only live once…and Fête de la Musique is only once per year!

One day, I’ll get myself a better camera that takes better videos.  The sound quality is just so bad on my poor old Nikon Coolpix P4 VR.  It just hasn’t been the same since I dropped it that one time at Christmas…three years ago.  I bought it just before going to Paris for study abroad back in 2006, so it’s quite old as far as these little point-and-shoot cameras go.  Anyway, camera talk aside – I made a little video of the performances we saw at Fête de la Musique.  Its not high-quality or anything, but I wanted to have a little video memory of that night!




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26 06 2010

J’aim beaucoup aussi la Fête de la Musique! Tu sais que j’y ai joue en ’84?

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