Eiffel Tower

23 06 2010

As our last time in Paris together draws to a close, Tobias and I have been trying to do Paris-y things.  I’m sure it won’t be our very last time in Paris, but I’m also not sure when we’ll go back again.

Tobias and I had never gone to the Eiffel Tower together except to see the fireworks on the 14 juillet.  So on Sunday, we took a walk to the most iconic Parisian monument and paid (a discounted fee) to climb the stairs to the second tower.

It was a very cloudy day, which made the city look very dramatic from up above.  We climbed the steps, walked around the tower, and took many pictures.  Tobias treated us to a snack in the café on the 2nd level: waffles and lattes.

We had a really lovely time.  It was so special to go do that together.  More photos below!




One response

23 06 2010

It’s so green!

In other news, nice scarf : )

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