Rain rain, go away.

10 06 2010

(This is the view from my window, into my building’s courtyard.)

It’s been a very rainy week in Paris, and though the forecast is sometimes subject to change, it looks like there may be rain for another week.

I stayed in most of the day.  But then, in the afternoon, there was a break in the rain – the sun came out, and the sky was even a little bit blue behind the big, whispy clouds.  So I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to walk around without getting soaked.  I went for a walk.

I listened to my iPod, and took Boulevard Haussmann and kept walking straight, all the way to Strasbourg Saint-Denis.  About 3 kilometers, walking in the sunshine.  It was nice (except for walking with a little limp because of some horrible blisters I got last weekend).  When I got to Strasbourg Saint-Denis, I hopped in the metro and took it back home, reading my book on the way.


Even though a rainy day is perfect for staying inside and getting things done, I don’t know…I just don’t feel very motivated to do anything except relax.  This morning, however, I was very productive and cleaned things up a little bit around the apartment.

I have some more ideas on things to tell you guys, to write about, but so far they’re still ideas.  Here’s hoping for more motivation tomorrow, and I leave you with a song I to which was recently introduced by Peter, via Kate’s musical taste.  I really enjoy it, and just realized I was humming it.  So I took that as a sign that I should pass it along.

Happy Thursday!




3 responses

15 06 2010

No no no, Kate didn’t introduce me to the song. I just said it makes me think of her!

15 06 2010


15 06 2010

Ohhh! Okay! For some reason I didn’t get that in the conversation. In any case, I’m glad YOU introduced it to me! Great music video, too.

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