Saying “Thank you”

7 06 2010

Last week I got my first “thank-you” letter from a student.

It wasn’t on fancy stationery like the card on the left, from Rifle Paper Co.*

In French, and full of spelling errors, she thanked me for teaching her English.  Written on a ripped page of notebook paper, and put in front of another piece of notebook paper to make it look like it was one whole piece, and shoved into a sheet protector, her note went a little something like this:


Thank you from the bottom of my heart

it’s very interessting and very dificult to learn but with Sarah it’s easier because we learn correctly.  it’s great she is nice and she teaches us to speak english correctly because for her to work you’ll advance and not worked it’s not advancing in life and I lerned that english is the most to speak language in life because if you don’t know it you’ll never make it.

Thank you for everyone,

Sarah O.

you form our life easier (???) for me but for the others I don’t know.  thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Sarah O.”

(A few spelling & grammar errors were added in English translation so you can get the true feeling of the note.)

Now, I’m not sure what her reasons were behind it.  Part of me wonders if her parents made her write something because she got in trouble during my class recently.  But I’d prefer to think she really appreciates me and my teaching and sincerely wanted to thank me for it.  Poor kid, though.  She’s gotten pretty bad grades on my tests all year.

It’s my turn

Now I’d like to thank each and every one of you for reading my silly little blog posts.  I have had a lot of fun here this year, keeping track of my thoughts and observations and sharing stories and pictures.  It gives me a lot more happiness to know that you actually read this.  🙂  And an extra-special thanks to those of you who comment.  I really enjoy hearing from you!

*I love, love, love their stationery!  What a talented team…and total eye candy!  (Click on the pictures to go to their site!)

Her French letter, for those of you who are interested:


Merci du fond du coeur

c’est tres interessent et très dificile a apprendre mes avec Sarah c’est plus facile car on apprend correctement.  c’est genial elle est gentille et elle nous apprend a parler correctement anglais car pour elle travailler c’est avancé et non travaillé c’est ne pas avancé dans sa vie et j’ai aprîs que l’anglais c’est la langue la plus parler dans la vie car si tu connais pas tu n’y arrivera pas.

Merci pour tous,

Sarah O.

tu forme notre vie plus facile entrouea (???) pour moi mais pour les autre je ne sais pas. merci du fond du coeur. Sarah O.




3 responses

7 06 2010

Maybe she meant “You MAKE our life easier” instead of “You form our life easier”? Just a thought I had.

7 06 2010

I’m sure that’s what she meant. I’m not the best at translating…but I did think of that when I typed the English version. I just wanted to keep some of the awkwardness of the original French in the English version. 🙂

10 06 2010

I think its cute,English as well as French! Whether or not her parents made her do it,she still took the time to write something! Honestly,i don’t think her parents did though,they would have made sure its neat and nice. Don’t you think? Be proud you deserve it! How does the planning for the last day go?

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