Contest Results

30 05 2010

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Thank you to all 4 of you who participated in the Paris Surprise Package contest on this past Thursday’s post.

To pick the winner, I used’s random integer generator.

Drumroll please!

The winner is…

Congratulations to Tobias, who was comment #2:

“hahaha. my favorite is still “ding room”. Ding ding dong. Worth making a nice song out of it.”

For those of you who wonder what song he is referencing, it is the (dirty, you’ve been warned) song called “Ding Dong Song” by Günther.  Youtube that sucker if you’re interested.  😉  It’s quite funny and brings back memories of study abroad for me, when my roommate’s and my friend showed us this song and we laughed hysterically at this cheesy song and video.

Congratulations, Tobias!  Your surprise package will be in the mail by Wednesday, June 2.

Thanks to everyone for participating!  Hope to see more comments next time!  🙂




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