Moi! Moi je sais!

29 03 2010

Today, while I was teaching my 8-year-olds some zoo animals (lion, bear, snake, monkey, dolphin), there was another…interesting…language mishap.

Mademoiselle Know-It-All

Every class has a know-it-all kid. The one who always has their hand up, who, 99.9% of the time, has the right answer, and who gets disappointed if you don’t call on them every time they raise their hand.

It’s great to have these kinds of kids in class. They are confident. They are excited about learning. (Unless, that is, they have reached the point where they think they know better than the teacher – and then that’s just plain annoying.) Of course, you have to call on the other kids (especially the quiet ones*) to make sure that everyone understands the lesson. But sometimes it’s just nice to be able to call on that kid when you want to move things along quickly.

Oh, really?

So today, before I taught them the English word for the animal flashcards I was showing them, I decided to see if any of the kids already knew some of these animals. Holding up the “monkey” card, I asked, “Does anyone know what this animal is called?”

And Mademoiselle Know-It-All starts repeating, loudly and clearly: “Sex!”

Pardon? She thinks the English word for singe (in French) is sex?!   Not wanting to draw attention to that word, I ignored her answer and the other kids’ answer (which was in French, anyway) and said: MONKEY.  Repeat!  MONKEY.

Another one for the books.

*I used to be one of those quiet kids.

Photograph Stone Monkey by garryknight on flickr creative commons




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