10 03 2010

In the next few posts, I’ll be talking about my vacation in Hamburg, Zürich, and Braunwald.  And then there will be more Paris adventures with my brother Jon and his girlfriend Jaimie who are here!


Hamburg was beautiful and snowy when I got there.  Of course, it was also wonderful to see my dear T. again!  I also worked on the job application process while I was there.  Well, I went on my first job interview at an English language school.  I was very nervous to set up the interview, and then to go on the interview, but T. was very encouraging and he helped me by speaking German with me.  (We usually speak English together.)  The actual interview ended up being in English anyway, so that definitely made me feel more comfortable and more myself.

Good news: I basically got a job offer.  It seemed a little bit unsure, though, because it’s a very small school…and by very small, I mean 3 teachers.  Tiny!  The founder of the institute, who conducted the interview, said that he would like to work with me, and though he cannot foresee the situation in August– if there are enough students to add another teacher–he seemed pretty positive about working with me.  I will have to contact him in a few months and make sure there is still that possibility.  Even if it doesn’t end up working out with that school (if they don’t need another teacher come August), I now have a lot more confidence in my skills.  It’s good to know that I am likeable and hirable, even in Germany.  I’ll continue sending out my CV to every other language school I can find, and then hopefully get to choose where I fit the best.

Day Trip!

We took a nice little Sunday trip to the Nordsee, to Keitum to catch the end of a church service in which one of T.’s acquaintances was preaching, and then for a walk on the beach in Keitum and then to the beach near Westerland, both of which are on the island of Sylt.  It was so weird being on a beach full of snow!  We enjoyed ourselves, though.  It was cold, but sunny and nice.  We ran around on the snowy seaside, played with sticks and looked at seashells.  It was lovely.

You know it’s cold when the Alster is frozen through.

The Alster, a big lake in Hamburg, was frozen through enough that you could walk on it safely.  That was definitely a fun experience.  T. and I took a few pictures…it was really something special.  And then T. said he wanted to try something – and he pushed me.  Then he said, “Okay, I’m going to do it again,” and he pushed me a second time.  “What are you doing?” I asked.  “You’re regular,” he replied.  It was a snowboarding test to see which foot I landed on, which determines which foot will lead me down the mountain.  Each time he pushed me, I landed on my left foot first.  I tried a couple of slides on the ice, using each foot, and it’s true that I felt a little more comfortable sliding with my left foot in front than on my right foot.  T. rides “goofy,” or, right foot in front.

A few fun places…

We went to Aurel a couple of times.  It’s this little bar that is near T.’s apartment.  We went out for Caiparhiñas (or, as they say, Caipis (kye-pees)) a couple of times…one night just the two of us, and another night a couple of his friends met us there.  It was also the location of a little going-away get-together for T.’s close friend, who is moving to Switzerland.  (Aurel’s fresh mint tea = heavenly!)  It’s a hip little bar with pretty cool music and a nice, although smoky, atmosphere.

Knuth is also just around the corner from T.’s apartment.  It’s this nice little café place where all the “scene” kids go.  You know the type.  They’re hip, and they are a little too aware of the fact.  But that just makes it all the better for people-watching.  I enjoyed going there for breakfast one morning with T.

Altonaer Theater – we went to the theater one night to see Schachnovelle.  Before my trip, T. surprised me with tickets to this play based on the book by Stefan Zweig.  It was playing in the theater in T.’s neighborhood, and we went there after the going-away party.  I had read the book in my German lit class in college, and I was glad to get the chance to reread it shortly before going to the play.  It was really well-done, and I very much enjoyed going out for a nice evening at the theatre (British accent!) with my love.

Other than those particular things, we had fun taking walks around Hamburg, hopping from the S-bahn to the U-bahn to boats, taking full advantage of the HVV transportation network.

More to come about Zürich next!  Bis bald!




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