It made my day.

19 01 2010

Yesterday, I got a response from one of my 9-year-old students that totally made my day.

Me:  “How are you?”
Boy:  “I’m dead.”

I try hard never to laugh at my students, because that probably doesn’t promote a good learning environment, but this one comment made me laugh out loud, because I was certain he had no idea what he had just said.

Then I translated, and he (and the rest of the kids) laughed.  I asked him if he meant he was “tired” instead, because I think that’s what he was trying to say…  Then I explained the phrase “dead tired” to the class:

“You can be tired.  And you can be dead tired.  But if you’re dead, you wouldn’t have been able to answer my question.”

Yesterday wasn’t that great of a teaching day, but I had two classes canceled thanks to a field trip for the older kids.  So one of the teachers rearranged her English schedule for the day so that I could do her class right after my first one and go home early.  Thanks to this, I was able to catch the 4:08 direct train to Paris (instead of the 5:08 p.m. train I usually take.)  It’s so much nicer to get home while it’s still daylight hours…even if that daylight is overcast as it has been the past few days.

This made my day today:

I laughed at this image for at least 3 minutes straight, until my asthma kicked in and I started coughing.  I still keep laughing at it every time I see it.

Enjoy.  And I hope you have a good day, too!




One response

19 01 2010

LOL!!!!!! This is so great!!! I love your write up’s here. Thank you for keeping it up!

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