Happy Holidays & au revoir 2009

31 12 2009

The holiday season sure goes by fast.

I spent a very nice Christmas with T. and his family in Germany.  It was my first time meeting his family, and things went pretty well.  It was even a white Christmas – my first one ever!  Well, it didn’t snow on Christmas day, but it did snow quite a bit a few days before we went to his hometown, and there was still some snow left over for Christmas day.

This year, I got a little bit of extra Christmas cheer.  The Germans celebrate not only Christmas Eve and Christmas day but also the day after Christmas.  I also got to meet some more of T’s extended family on the 26th at a huge family gathering with good food, beer, and singing Christmas carols.  Definitely one of my favorite moments this Christmas with T.

Now we’re relaxing a little at home in Hamburg before we meet friends and trek outside in the hopes of a little partying outside by the Elbe river.  Apparently fireworks are a big thing here for Silvester.  That’s what they call New Year’s Eve here in Germany.  The French call it something similar: Saint-Sylvestre.  Anyway, back to the fireworks: we’ve been listening to the crackles, whistles and bangs of firecrackers all evening, and there is still a good hour and a half before midnight.  Neighbors are setting them off right here in the street in front of their houses – it’s kinda crazy.  I love watching fireworks, though, so this is kind of special.

Well, however you celebrate this evening, I wish you lots of fun.  Goodbye, 2009.  Welcome, 2010!  And as the Germans say, guten Rutsch!




2 responses

1 01 2010

You look so happy, pretty, and all around wonderful!
And I LOVE the snow flurries on your page. lol 🙂

4 01 2010

Sarah, you look gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! It’s good to see you so happy. Hope your vacation went well! I hope meeting the family went well, too! Happy belated New Years. Much love, and a big hug to ya!

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