The Eiffel Tower is old.

22 11 2009

120 years old, to be exact.

The Eiffel Tower is celebrating its 120th birthday this year.  It was built back in 1889 for the World Fair by Gustave Eiffel.  Someone made the good decision not to tear it down after the fair, as they had originally intended, and it has since become THE icon of Paris.  (And of France, for that matter.)

In honor of this special year, the Eiffel Tower is hosting a beautiful light show four times every night until December 31st.  I went to see this show the other night, and got to see it twice.  The first time, I was alone and waiting for Peter and his friends to come meet me.  They were late, so I kept listening to my iPod and sat down by a statue to watch the show.

I was listening to my favorite German acapella group, The Wise Guys.  (Side note: My dear boyfriend bought me tickets to their concert in Hamburg this weekend…and he’s even coming with me, though he is definitely not a fan of their music.  Now that is love…! :))  Anyway, so I was listening to The Wise Guys and enjoying the show, when some random man came and sat RIGHT next to me and decided he was going to hit on me.

“Bonsoir, mademoiselle, comme t’es belle ce soir, bla bla blah.” I could barely hear him above the music, but it got annoying really quickly.  “Who hits on someone who’s wearing headphones???” I thought to myself.  He kept talking, and it was getting even more awkward – I just wanted to sit and watch the show while waiting for my friends.  So I told him off.

Except that the first words to come out of my mouth were, “Lass mich tranquille.” Freutsch?  Frallemand?  (What does one call a mix between French and German?)  Well, whatever it is, the first two words were German (thanks, Wise Guys), and by the time I got to the third word, I realized, “Hey, I’m in France.  They speak French here.”

I wasn’t surprised when my oh-so-eloquent reply didn’t work.  He kept talking, so I stood up and walked further into the crowd, hoping he didn’t follow me.

There sure are some sketchy people here.  Luckily, he didn’t follow me, and Peter and his friends arrived shortly after.  Since it was such a nice night, we hung out at Trocadero, had a few beers, and stayed long enough to catch the second light show.

I took a few videos for those of you who can’t come see the show yourself.  It doesn’t quite compare to seeing it in person, but it’s still pretty dang cool.  Joyeux anniversaire, Tour Eiffel!

(There are more videos under the cut!)  (Please ignore the drunken laughing!  And…don’t watch these if you have epilepsy.  Seriously.)




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