Visa application, phase 2

14 09 2009

I received my letter in the mail a few weeks ago.

I didn’t do anything with it because of a wonderful 2.5 week vacation with a very special visit from my German lover.  Though he has moved his work base back to Germany, he has kept (and offered me) his Paris apartment in which to stay.  T will be coming to visit me there again for 10 days in October, for my birthday.  I’m very much looking forward to that.  It made saying goodbye to him yesterday just a little bit easier.

So back to the visa stuff.  This morning, I took my letter to the embassy, turned it in with my passport and waited.  About 15 minutes later, they called me back to return my passport with its newly affixed visa, explaining that I must also mail in the OFII form within 2 months or else my stay will become illegal even with the visa.  Otherwise, all systems go – my stay is good until July 14th, or Bastille Day.  (Guess that means I either miss the festivities, or I must fly out late that night!  Of course…depending on what I do next…not sure what my future plans are for after France.)

4 days and counting.

I leave on Friday with Peter.  We fly through Dublin on Aer Lingus and arrive in Paris CDG this Saturday, September 19.  (Just in time to take advantage of the second Journée de Patrimoine on Sunday, despite jet-lag.)

There is still quite a bit to do before I leave.  I don’t have the energy tonight, but I will start packing tomorrow and narrowing down exactly what I’ll be taking with me.

Speaking of that Paris apartment, I am looking forward to living there again.  Paris, but this particular apartment too.  It has nice memories with T from my stay in September, and it will be nice to be living in a place in which I am already somewhat familiar with the quartier (neighborhood).

Signing off for now, but I’ll be back tomorrow!




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