June / Juni / Juin 2009

7 06 2009

I am very excited for June.

Partly because it’s the end of spring and beginning of summer.  The weather is unpredictable.  One day I’m wearing sandals and skirts and t-shirts.  The next it’s back to a sweater and jeans and closed-toe shoes.  I love the transitional seasons, because they keep me on my toes.  And I get a lot of use out of my full wardrobe more than ever.  Layers are especially important.

But also because it’s the halfway-point of the year.  It’s also the 6-month mark for my job at Sofitel.  I can’t believe how quickly time has passed.  It won’t be long before another important change occurs – you know. And I’m REALLY excited about that.  June or July should bring more answers and an exact date, which is exciting.

Inspiration is everywhere.

Spring and summer bring quite a lot of inspiration.  Everyone seems to feel lighter, more carefree.  Vacations and holidays are plentiful.  Ice cream trucks* and bike rides, birds and blooming flowers.  It makes me want to write more, paint more, make more collages.  I don’t make things as often as I should – because when I do, it’s something that allows me to express myself better than almost anything else.

I have spent quite a lot of time, though, gleaning inspiration from other various sources.  I recently began saving time by using Google Reader to catch up on my blogroll reading.  Not only that, but thanks to links and/or advice from others (thanks Julia!), I’ve added quite a few to my daily reading list.  Enough that I finally organized them into folders.

I’ve also been using flickr again, after a winter-long hiatus.  I love browsing other people’s photos, too.  Often, I find one that makes me feel inspired, so I click that “favorite” button so I can look at them again later when I’m yearning for something beautiful.

(Click on this photo to go to my favorites page & check out the various artists pages!)

(Click on this photo to go to my favorites page & check out the various artists' pages!

I leave you with a question:

What inspires you the most right now?

*The ice cream truck that comes to my neighborhood plays Christmas music.  Am I the only one who finds this to be an oxymoron?




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