German studies.

16 04 2009

My friend Peter and I are language nuts.

We talk about grammar, idioms, puns, and the nuances of French and English together, as well as the other smattering of languages we’ve picked up along the way.  That includes bits of Spanish, which we studied one summer together for a week or two on our own, as well as Arabic and German (and sometimes Japanese).   He is taking an Arabic class right now, and he studies Japanese and reads French on his own.  I’m quite jealous!

It’s great having a friend to talk to & with whom I can get excited about languages.  I like to hope I inspire him to continue with it as much as he inspires me, but I think deep down he has far more impact on me.  But I like that we can talk about things together and spur each other on to further study.


As for my own language studies, I majored in French language & literature in college.  I wanted to double-major in German, but soon realized that wasn’t possible.  Then I thought of minoring in German, but that didn’t work out thanks to my year abroad in France.

I started reading a German friend’s blog updates this evening and got tired out before I even finished the first sentence.  Not that I was that great with German to begin with, but I sure have lost a quite a bit.  With a German beau, you’d think I’d be more inclined to study harder.  And I want to, but for some reason it’s really intimidating.

My online placement test chez the Goethe Institute confirms just how badly my German sucks.  I only got 19/30 questions correct.

But then again, level B2 isn’t too bad! (Das ist aber nicht schlecht!) It’s not terribly good, though, considering the amount of reading and writing I did in my last year of college.  My papers always did come back with lots of errors to revise, though.

Well, it doesn’t look like I’ll be signing up for any of the classes at the Goethe Institute any time soon.  I think I’ll just have to find other ways of staying motivated.  Like continuing to be a language nerd with Peter on a regular basis.




One response

17 04 2009

Be a language nerd as long as you want, it ain’t a rare disease… On the contrary, i find it a blessing, being a translator / interpreter !

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