Jil Aigrot

2 04 2009
Jil Aigrot channels Edith Piafs singing style and mannerisms

Jil Aigrot channels Edith Piaf's singing style and mannerisms

Last weekend, I went to a concert at GW’S Lisner Auditorium with a good friend.  I had been looking forward to this concert for almost a month and a half now, ever since I saw it on a brochure we received at my desk.

Saturday night’s star was Jil Aigrot, who is famous for her interpretation of Edith Piaf’s legendary music and unique singing style.  She is the voice behind Marion Cotillard’s role in La Vie En Rose (or, better known in French, La Môme).

Let me just tell you, this performance was breathtaking.  The songs themselves came to life, thanks to Aigrot’s retelling of the stories and history behind the songs.  These traditional songs such as Sous le ciel de Paris, or Milord, and of course L’hymne à l’amour and La vie en rose were sung in such a way that they felt like new popular songs – but still somehow retaining their 1940s-50s magic.  Non, je ne regrette rien was particularly poignant.  I think I would like to see Aigrot perform in France one day, to hear her describe everything in French instead of English.  (Her English was cute, and she tried hard – it added to her charm.  But I think it would be interesting to hear what more she would say in French.)

Such a fabulous concert!  It made me wish I had those ol’ Edith Piaf songs on my iPod.  I’ll have to figure out a way to get them there.




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6 04 2009

Try looking for them on iTunes 😉 Brilliant music and exquisite film !

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