DC Delights

20 02 2009

I went to some fantastic places in DC yesterday after work.

Took the Circulator bus to Georgeotown, where I haven’t been in months!!

Mie N Yu – had lamb kebabs with cucumber sauce & a French Kiss cocktail that was so strong it made me unable to walk straight.  I blame it on the lack of food.   Nobody was there when I went at 4:30, but it allowed me to fully appreciate the décor.   If you haven’t been, check this place out ASAP!

Dean & Deluca – bought and enjoyed one cranberry macaroon dipped in white chocolate, then some fig jam (my favorite!) and some almonds covered in dark chocolate mocha for my dad and I to enjoy.   This place was absolutely magical and totally made my week.   I’ve found my new “happy place”.

Annie Creamcheese – Fantastic vintage store, but way more $$$ than I’d care to spend.  Fun, though.  Reminds me of that place in Frederick…oh crap…I forget the name…oh! Vibrant Artwear.   But Annie Creamcheese is about 100x more expensive.   But maybe I’ll go back there again when I need a nice dress for an occasion.  Speaking of Frederick, I really miss it and would like to come visit again soon, please.

Then I walked back from Georgetown to Downtown.   A mistake, because it was so cold and I was wearing heels, but it did help kill time.  Wished there was a Starbucks open at 7 p.m. on a Thursday night, but there were none.  And I didn’t feel like walking back up to The Commissary.   On my way back down to 15th street, a man asked me for directions.  “Funny you should ask, because I’m a concierge at a hotel.”   I didn’t have any city maps to give him, but I gave him my circulator map and pointed him in the direction of Dupont Circle.  He had asked me where the closest bookstore was and if I knew of any good place in Dupont to go to.   I sent him to Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe.   In return for my help, he gave me his brand-new American Red Cross shopping bag as a form of gratitude.   He didn’t want to carry it anwyay, and wanted to thank me for my help.

So I walked around and around the neighborhood until my friend got off work.   We had dinner reservations at Equinox, a very nice restaurant with contemporary American food and fresh, local ingredients.  De-lic-ious! As you may know, it is Restaurant Week in DC until the 22nd.

We enjoyed a delicious three-course meal, as well as cocktails and a free appetizer, espressos and a special digestif that our server, Ed, called “a kiss goodnight”.   And then Ed told us that there was no check tonight, thanked us for dining with them and invited us to come back again soon, promising that they could be more lavish in their offerings when it’s not restaurant week.

I was taken aback; I knew they knew I was a concierge (and that I send people their way pretty often!), but I did not expect them to comp our meal.  I’m sure it helped that my colleague, our lead concierge, called ahead to the General Manager and let her know I was coming.   But wow.  An entire meal.  I sure hope we tipped him well enough, because I’m not exactly sure how much the bill would have come to.   Well, I’ll be sending a thank-you card pretty soon.

Well, even if they had not comped my meal, it is definitely a place I will be glad to send my guests.   The food is really top-notch and the service was impeccable. Such a creative menu.   And I felt healthy and satisfied afterward.   If anyone wants reservations, let me know!  I’ll request that they take good care of you.

Last but not least, I leave you with a photo I took as the sun was setting in Georgetown:

Georgetown Sunset

Georgetown Sunset




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23 02 2009

Nice pic ! best of luck for your applications in Paris / Strasbourg !

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