One more day! (fa la la la)

24 12 2008

We can hardly wait!  (fa la la la)  One more day! (fa la la la) One more day ’til Chri-ist-mas!

Every year.  Without fail, that little Christmas ditty that I sang all those years ago in a Christmas program as a kid pops into my head.  It was an adorable thing – and something I look back on with great nostalgia.  In our music classes, starting the month before Christmas (or maybe even earlier?) speaking parts and solos were handed out and we would start practicing to perfect our performance.  All of the elementary school would participate – the older kids usually getting the speaking parts.  I never did get one of those.  But I DID get a solo once.  I was convinced that it was because I said “anGEL” (like the gel you put in your hair) instead of “an-juhl” and also because I sat up straight when she called out the parts.  Hah.  If you had asked me about it 5 years ago, I might have even remembered the solo.  Now?  My mind is a sieve – not a sponge – and the holes are getting increasingly larger as I get older.

Good memories.

Some of the songs remain.  Like the one right after my solo…”We’re the host with the most – wonderful news – tell all about it – tell all about it – great great joy will come unto you – tell all about it – tell all about it…” (and that’s all I remember).

I don’t remember any of the songs in particular, but there is a picture of my brother and I dressed up before our Christmas Around the World program.  I wore my mom’s old kimono and chopsticks in my bun, and my brother wore a Scottish kilt outfit that my mom pulled together.

Then there was that year we did the Hans Branson musical for Christmas.  “Hans, Hans Branson…”  Okay, so that is all I remember there.  But a youtube search I did for it came up with the following video, which I have added for your viewing pleasure.  This one has nothing to do with me or my school, and I don’t even know this guy – but it’s hilarious.

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas.  Me, I have to work 9-5, but my family has figured out plans around it.  We will open some presents tonight after the early (5 p.m.) Christmas eve service.  Tomorrow, family will come around 3 and will wait for me until I get back from work around 6 p.m. to have our (non-traditional but oh so tasty) family dinner of ribs and Texas potatoes.  We will then open presents with the other family members and call it a night.  It’s a very different Christmas than usual, but the important thing is that I get to spend at least some of it with family.

Merry Christmas to all of you.  I hope that you have a wonderful celebration and that the hope and joy of the season will settle in your heart.  Best wishes to you and yours!




4 responses

24 12 2008

Thanks, Sarah… I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you’ll see many more new (french or not) horizons in 2009.

21 12 2011
Lindsay O

I know the song you’re talking about in your subject – It came from a whole play/narrative that I used to have on tape but can’t find anymore. It was to be played out by cats and mice. I thought it was called The Night Before Christmas (but was nothing like the traditional book). Do you have any idea what that was called? I’ve been trying to track it down!

22 12 2011

That’s awesome that you know it! Good question about the name though, I’m not sure. I wanna say The Mouse Before Christmas…does that ring any bells?

24 12 2012

I know it too, we performed it as kids in our church. It was about cat and mice. I was the Cat names Ally.

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